H@cking! What is it ??

It is all about the curiosity to know what is happening in this world around you!

Why are people & companiesstuck to the internet!

what do they do all the day looking into this dead piece of CRT!

It is just a question of how what & why!!

all those who are called computer hackers are people who have dared to question the working of things on the Internet!

I belong in the group!

I am proud to say i belong to the group of computer hackers who hack for the purpose of learning things, the desire to know why things work better for companies who research more on innovating more technical solutions to the problem faced by the world! the people with the interest to spead the word about insecurity & the mis guided trust that people have over the Terms & conditions & the SLA’s that you agree to when subsribing to a service on the web

We understand that an individual’s existance in this world can be managed, controlled, manipulated via the virtual net of internet! sitting on my couch i can ride an F 16 right into my friends house! i can break into your bank account & buy things that i need!

I belong to that grou who know how insecure this world has become!

In simplest term i define hacking as a method to understand how are people mislead by the giants to make you feel secure!

It is a way to prove it! & the fuel for it is just the curiosity to learn & understand


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