Facebook and Instagram are down right now for over 35 minutes

Everyone who has been trying to access facebook and instagram are not able to get through for about 35+ minutes today!. It seems their DNS servers are not pointing to the servers or they are under DDOS or may be they are upgrading??

The ping, trace route and HTTP request lookups are all returning null/false. Verified from India, USA, HongKong, Sri Lanka…

No news why it is down yet!

Their WhatsApp service is still working though!

Facebook has been down for short intervals all around Jan 15, but never for this long…

Awaiting an official update from facebook.



Facebook later explained that the site outage was due to some work they were doing on the site’s DNS servers. Early this morning, the engineers have made a change to the DNS infrastructure and that lead to the temporary unavailability for the users!

In fact, the major problem which is the cause to this outage is the users itself. Yes, you read it right!

Every attempt of the user to access Facebook resulted in a query which in turn interpreted as an invalid value, further, deleting the corresponding cache key. This meant that even after the original problem had been fixed, the stream of queries continued. As long as the databases failed to service some of the requests, they were causing even more requests to themselves. We had entered a feedback loop that didn’t allow the databases to recover, stated by the Facebook engineer!

In the past:

Sources tell us that to sort out this problem, they had to shut down the server for a while and fixed the root cause of this problem. The Facebook engineers have even turned off the automated system that attempts to correct the configuration values and exploring the configuration design patterns at other systems at Facebook.

Good for Twitter?

Twitter has been getting a lot of traffic ever since Facebook has been down

My Point of View:

They might be trying something new and ended up having some serious issue with the automated load balancing and user management system.


It is back! = @ 12:39:20 PM IST


The toughest job till date!!

I am trying to embed a live video stream onto a flex bed using mxml, as3 and adobe flash builder 4.5….

till date this has been my hardest job…

from decryption to hacking to reverse engineering ddl files to climbing mountains, to clicking wild animals pictures….

What Star Sign says, thanX to r1ch@

Gemini sign is emotionally detached

You are not very good at dealing with emotion. You live your life in your head, free from emotions and you can be downright insensitive, not on purpose but you don’t fully understand emotions so you avoid them. This could run into trouble in a dating relationship if you pick a sensitive boyfriend/girlfriend. You are best with another person who is as spunky as you and who is not possessive or too emotional.

Gemini sign needs novelty

Most of your thirst for life is lead by your curiosity. You want to know what makes people tick and you want to experience new things. You get bored easily and need constant stimulation, this could either be a good thing or a bad thing. If your job requires repetitious work, you easily get distracted and lose interest. If your job requires you to be on the move gathering information, for example a journalist or researcher even a daycare worker, you are happy and preform very well.

Gemini sign is indecisive

Gemini is the sign of duality, you have two personalities inside you that are sometimes in conflict and sometimes harmonious. This is why you are so indecisive, it is hard for you to make a decision because you feel that you want both. You flip your feelings on a dime, you might be happy one second and depressed the next.

Your adaptability brings you good fortune, if you see that a certain project has no chance of success, you are able to create change and form something new. You embrace change and a challenge and you will eventually get what you want. Gemini sometimes seem to be intuitive, but this is just your practical mind looking at things the way they really are and formulating a plan that is sure to succeed by weighing the advantages and disadvantages ob your mental scale. Of course, the Gemini curse of indecisiveness will lurk over your head and even though you know what you need to do, you hesitate and re-question if this is really right. You have to learn to rely on your intuition and deep inside, you know what s right.

Change Of Life


I have been away from blogging for almost three years now, after long time i have decided with the help of my friend that i will get back on blogging. A lot of things in life have changed; i am changed from a two handed human being to one handed human being. I managed to topple Scorpio onto its side, i was in hospital for eternity, i could not travel abroad because of health issues, i have stopped working on my passion. I have gone back to programming, i m too bored with life, i started cooking again and many more things in life have changed…

The prelude for everything that changes in life there is some good awaiting you, said a lot of successful and experienced people, why do they say that? i have been down in the lows for a long time and still they are just adding to the misery ,not only i am mentally handicap i guess now i am physically too. Here i share with you few of my knowledge based of my experiences, life is never about the long time picture, it is always about being optimistic about tomorrow and not living in yesterday. My dad used to tell when i was lazy to do my homework and when i tried to keep them for tomorrow so that i can have fun with my friends today

Yesterday is dead and gone, tomorrow is yet to come, today is yours, so do it now“.

1. The Hindu mythology of karma everything that goes around, comes around says the book of Mahabharata to guide the generation to righteous path, what does this mean? Does that truck passed by the road will pass in front of you again; does it have anything to do with Gandhi ji’s two slap rule?  What does it really mean? May be i did break some one hand before that my hand got broken but the book did not say that the exact same will come back to you. May be i have hurt a lot of people and this is the way universe get back to me. May be i was a murderer in my last birth. Anyway i used to think about it in my long stay in the hospital.

2.The days after 20th September 2009: That unfortunate day , the 20th September 2009 at around 12’O clock in the afternoon  i managed to add one more impossible thing in my life’s list of impossible things, i toppled a car full of people and managed to hurt none other than myself.  I had a long haul, being at the hospital, meeting a lot of doctors, getting a lot of operations and eventually i am left with one left nerve. Oh damn!!  i lost a nerve  i don’t know what is the side effect of losing that nerve but everything which is important which requires a nerve is hopefully working, i think my body just discarded the one useless nerve.

Conclusion: When everything has happened, this year a very eventful one, but it feels like nothing has happened.

I am the same old me( few years older ha ha ha) with little lower typing capability, getting back to the habit of blogging in the last few hours of the fastest year of my life.

I do not know where the hell has this year gone.

Happy 2011 folks…



Information Security & hacking…

The information security as a subject came into existance some time in the begning on 20 th century, Microsoft contributed alot in the evolution of information security as an area of research as their products were the most famous & the most wide spread. they introduced the concept of information security as a patching mechanisms….

Please write in any information that you have regarding the information security.. I am working on some areas related to this, planning to write a paper…

any contribution will be well appretiated…

What is Cyber Terrorism ??

Using the cyber space to unleash terror!

The methods like! killing innocent people in hospital by hacking & altering patient database!

Traffic signals workin at someone’s wishes!

bringing down administration’s management servers!!

etc etc.. the list goes on…

Fortunately there hs not been alot of such incidents in the PAST, but there has been information that the capability of hacking & experts with knowledge of hacking are going into wrong hands!!

There is no setup in india to control/ monitor / defeat this! Who has the call ??

who has the power!

Lets Discuss !!


What is Life!

Blah blah… blah…. Credits to Ceejay!!

It is a matrix, a virtual feeling made up by the 4 senses and the mind which emulate a feeling of existance, the feeling – ME!

It creates the feeling of ME, You, desires, desperation, loneliness….

It is a world of virtual reality!

Liberate urself!

Learn things from nature… listen to the birds, the wind… the slience…. all the doubts will be cleared… all problems solved.. you will start to believe…

When you believe.. Somehow You Will!!

No matter what they tell us
No matter what they do
No matter what they teach us
What we believe is true

Meditate to solve questions.. You have all answers with in you… just need to take it out….

Know the Real You!