About meeeee!

This is me Vivek! d3@dbr@1n is my alias

i am proud to be the carrier of curiosity worms! i breed them inside me! i am a hacker & my crime is that of curiosity! You all guys callme a CRIMINAL!!

i belong to a B.E.A.U.T.I.F.U.L city in kerala – Gods Own country!

i am an information Security researcher, a stupid, selfless, shot in the back & an introvert (as Anuj says!)…..

i believe in a world so supreme where technology runs the show! & for me the world i am in is just a virtual one(earth) & .. i am designated to elevate this world to tat supreme stage! I will try my best to do that!!

my favourite saying is : Somethings change, some other things doesnt! 😉

many call me mad! many call me overconfident, many call me stupid!!

my mail id is iamherevivek@gmail.com write in if u wanna scold in private! i m used to lissenin people till they finish off their frustration on me!!


2 thoughts on “About meeeee!

  1. Vivek sir! i like ur attitude very much. u r such a nice person. I really like ur this comment “Love is the most painful & the most slowest Killer of all the Poisons that money can / cant buy !!

    Do not try & taste it… It doesnt kill ! It just takes the better part of life & leaves you to suffer !!

    That is so trueeeeeeeeee


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