Effectively Managing your digital currency mining infrastructure

Hello all,

Happy new year 2015!

It is not a good start for bitcoin this year, so, I though I should let you all know how to improve your mining infrastructure efficiency so that you might earn the extra penny from it.


There are only 3 things that you can change/improve to make the mining more efficient

  1. Power Consumption – To manage power efficiency you will have to manage the hash rate, clock frequency of each of your chips in the miner(s) and tweak them to perfection, because the factory settings that is provided is not effective, they are not completely tested. I have tested spondoolies, innosilicon and KnC miners and all of them could be optimized to work more efficient than what their factory settings were giving.
  2. Hash Rate – The hash rate can be improved by a bit of over clocking and removing the stupid beagle bone or Rpi or any ARM based device in the process. I use and always recommend miners to move to a host based mining, you will definitely get a better hash rate, guaranteed. I have seen 20 to 35% improvement in hash rate as the RAM in these ARM based devices are too small and the processor is too weak to manage everything else and then handle comm with the pool.
  3. Cooling – the ventilation and the rate of transfer of heat from the heat sinks are the 2 mechanisms to have efficient miner. but you need to understand the more you spend on cooling, the more the power cost. I have been working on free cooling and high CFM cooling within contained spaces, and I have got very good temperature variation on the chip as well as the device. The concept of hot and cold aisle inside a DC is not a real scenario for digital currency mining, just because that is not how these devices work! they are designed as a costly heater 😛

If you have questions that you specific to your infra, do message me, I am more than glad to help you optimize your infrastructure.


Happy mining.

Screen Shot 2014-12-26 at 10.03.57 PM





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